It all started in January 2016 when new mum, Yasmin, searched far and wide for a baby abaya for her little 3-month-old princess.

After hopelessly searching the big city of Johannesburg to no avail, she was in slight despair and panic, but ever still so ambitious.

With one last trick up her sleeve, she knew exactly what needed to be done.

She decided to “randomly” visit her ‘Designer’ sister, Saajida, and brought along her cute princess to butter her up and convince her that this 3-month-old was in dire need of an abaya… because, after all, who can refuse a baby.

Minutes later, she was rescued by her talented sister who pulled out the sewing machine, searched for fabric, took measurements and created a masterpiece.

Yasmin happily set off to showcase her princess adorning this beautiful abaya and the crowds were in awe.

Requests to order started pouring in, and in June 2016, just 2 weeks before Ramadaan, these 2 sisters introduced Babaya South Africa to the world.

The concept of #babysfirstabaya and #babysfirstkurta, bringing trendy baby religious wear, a first in its market, both locally and internationally, hit like a storm. Now mums and dads would never have to panic about this again.

Alas, Eid’s would never be the same.

Babaya South Africa produces baby kurtas and abayas which we call “babaya’s” (see what we did there)!!

Our mission is to ensure that modern Islamic wear is readily available to little boys and girls, both babys and toddlers, so that when auspicious events and occasions arise like; Jumuah, Eid-ul FItr, Eid-ul Adhaa, khatams, doopmals, gadats etc, they too can be dressed in the finest religious attire.

Our garments are locally produced and thoughtfully made with lots of love to ensure our babaya babies are not only stylish, but also, at a level of comfort moms and dads wish for.

We are proud to say that there is nothing cuter than a baby in a babaya or kurta romper.

Just wait until you see it, we believe you will agree 😉

So go on and get your hands on
Happy Shopping,
Lots of love and duahs!

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